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Earthen Earthen Earthen
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20,00 € ein roll
Earthen is a beautiful beige and cream tile design, with its innate flexibility making it ideal for a kitchen or bathroom in any home. The tile effect provides a fine alternative to actual tiling, a cheaper solution which is also easier to remove when a change is in order. The textured, uneven nature of the tile design, also available in a grey tone, additionally gives the piece a sense of charm.

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  • Earthen Earthen
    20,00 €
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Breite 52 cm
Rollenlänge 10 m
Rapport 64 cm
Tropfengröße 32 cm
Design Match OFFSET
Material Kitchen & Bathroom
Waschbarkeit Scrubbable
Anwendungsverfahren Paste the Paper
Gewicht 1,26 kg
Marke Contour
SKU 16617